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Things we have watched:
The list is growing all the time!

801 TTS Airbats
You're Under Arrest OAV

Mighty Space Miners
Slayers Perfect

Gunnm Battle Angel Alita
Slayers Great

Slayers Special
Released in America as Slayers - Dragon Slave and Slayers - Explosion Array.
You're Under Arrest The Movie

Gunsmith Cats
Slayers Return

Dragon Half
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz

Kikiís Delivery Service
Ghost in the Shell

Mononoke Hime
Cowboy Bebop

Tonari no Totoro
Weird Anime Excel Saga
(Episodes 1-10)

Blue Submarine #6


If you don't already have it you can download a free version of Real Player here.
The Neo Gokuraku PTA Meeting Video:

Versions: Real Video - 2.9 megs | Mpeg - 9.5 megs
This video will be played on a nice big projection screen
at the PTA meeting on Tuesday, February 13'th as part of an effort
by the SU to show parents that there is more to Stuy than stress!

Download a 3-4 meg Real Videos of the update videos:

2001 Update
01/12/01 Update

Bebop is here:

Thanksgiving & Holiday posters:

Past Front Door Posters:

Trigun DVD cover scans:

BIG (208 K) | Medium (98 K) | small (40 K)

This one didn't come with a mini-poster
so I only made one size.

Our First Poster:

Check out the poster for our first meeting!
Yes, we know that room 239 is the program office!
No, we didn't ACTUALLY holding club there!
Yes, it is my fault! ;-)